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new talent

Notice to Models: Icon Models & Talent has recently changed the process for submitting photos to our agency. All photos, preferably in color, must be sent electronically.

Send them either through e-mail or mail them to us on a CD-rom. CDs will not be returned. Please include your full name, e-mail and contact address when sending photos.

Step 1    Please download agency agreement (PDF). agency agreement 24kb
Step 2    Please sign and return by fax, mail or electronic. It must include your signature.
Step 3    Please complete the following form below.
Step 4    Email your electronic photos to info@iconlv.com or mail them to our address.

Personal information
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Cell Number :
Email Address:
Street Address:
Zip Code :

Measurements & Statistics
Female:  Male:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Bust Size- include cup (women only):
Hips (women only):
Dress Size (women only):
Chest (men only):
Jacket or Suit (men only):
Inseam (men only):
Shirt Size (men only):
Sleeve (men only):

Professional Information
Languages you speak fluently:
Are you are willing to travel? Include list of cities you will travel to and if expenses must be paid.
Type of modeling desired:
Please list all unions (SAG, AFTRA, etc.) or Non Union

Are you under any type of agreement with any other agencies?
Yes:  No: If so, please explain:

Special skills:

Do you have previous arrests, convictions, pending litigations excluding traffic violations? Yes:  No: If so, please explain:

Do you have professional experience in any of the following:
(check all that apply)
Drama:  Runway:  Print:  TV:  Informal Modeling:   Swimwear/Lingerie:  Dance:  Teleprompt/Earpromt:   Bartending/Liquor Promotions/TAM card:  Spokesmodel:
Awards, achievements or additional information :

Disclaimer: Icon Models & Talent respects your concerns about maintaining the privacy of any personal information you provide to us, and we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access any information you provide. We do not sell, rent, share, or otherwise willfully disclose e-mail addresses or other personally identifiable information shared on this site to any third party.

Please e-mail photos to info@iconlv.com


What we are looking for:


Women + New Faces
age: 18+

age: 18+


Models, presenters, actors, convention hosts and hostesses, narrators, product demonstrators, showgirls and sales assistants.


Please send photos to:



Mailing Address:
Icon Models & Talent
3655 S. Durango Drive, Suite 24
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147


We do not represent children.


All photos need to be JPEG format, other formats will not be viewed.


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